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The Lightning Flash

This is a basic energising exercise which can be performed as part of a ritual or as a self-contained exercise. It is a simplified version of the Middle Pillar exercise.

Stand feet apart, arms reaching upwards, eyes closed, head tilted upwards.

Visualise yourself as an oak tree, standing alone on a desolate plain. It is night, and the stars are above you.

Purple and read storm-clouds gather in the sky above you, the wind shakes your boughs and the air is filled with the drumming of thunder and electrical tension.

The storm grows violent - it builds to a fever pitch and SUDDENLY a bolt of shearing white lightning flashes down upon you, causing you to shudder violently.

You feel the energy passing down your body - through your roots and down into the depths of the earth - the earth force responds and you feel a dynamic surge of energy upwards; the sap coursing through your roots.

Feel the force flash upwards, carrying your consciousness upwards into the stars until you become, for a brief yet endless moment, a star shining in infinite space.

Bring your arms down slowly to cross your chest, bring your feet together and place the first two fingers of your right hand to your lips (the sign of silence), feeling yourself to be calm yet full of power. This closes the exercise.