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LAM: Some Notes on an Extra-Terrestrial Entity

Crowley's portrait of the entity LAM first appeared in 1919, as a frontispiece to his commentary on Mme Blavatsky's "The Voice of the Silence." There is no commentary extant from Crowley upon the subject of LAM, and the only material published has been by Kenneth Grant and others. However, the inscription accompanying the portrait, which is entitled "The Way" gives us a clue:

"LAM is the Tibetan word for Way or Path, and LAMA is He who Goeth, the specific title of the Gods of Eygpt, the Treader of the Path, in Buddhistic phraseology. Its numerical value is 71, the number of this book."

It is generally agreed that the drawing arose from the period of the AMALANTRAH WORKING, a cycle of visions received in 1918, through the Scarlet Woman, Roddie Minor. A central symbol in the Amalantrah Working is an egg, of which the head of LAM is reminiscient. I will explore the Gematria of LAM (71), in due course.

Between the period 1986-89 I attempted to establish a rapport with LAM via dream, scrying and ritual, during a phase of Typhonian/Ma'atian Work. The results of this work have led me to support the hypothesis that LAM is a 'gateway' to strange strata of consciousness - in the Typhonian paradigm-an access-point to extra-terrestrial Consciousness.

The association between the portrait of LAM and "The Voice of The Silence" is in itself significant. LAM may be considered a glyph of that "Voice" - the dwarf-self or Hidden God. The Egg is a glyph of birth, and of potential. LAM may therefore be considered as a gateway entity into the Gnosis of Illumination - from which there is no return (at least not exactly in the condition one went in).

There is also a link between LAM and "The Forgotten Ones" - the shadowy entities analogous to Lovecraft's Great Old Ones in Soror Nema's exegesis of The Ma'at Current. LAM may also be considered to be a mask of the Void - that which allows the Voice to arise. An appropriate meditation is that given for the Hebrew letter LAMED "That when the mind is stilled, the heart soars like a flame." One might also recall Crowley's suggestion in Moonchild that the 'true man of genius reduces himself to a negative, and allows his genius to play through him as it will.'

Typhonians make a link between LAM and Hoor-Paar-Kraat, God of the Silence, and, note, the Babe in the Egg. During a ritual exploration of the Egg of Lam in 1988, I perceived LAM to be an ophidian entity with the seal of Babalon upon his brow. The cogent initiatory experience is similar to hurling oneself into the cup of Babalon, or for that matter, going into the Monolith in 2001: A Space Odyessy.

Michael Staley, writing in Starfire Vol.1 No.5, identifies union with LAM with the evocation of the Holy Guardian Angel - i.e. the Hidden God. This is interesting - I have never found the idea of a single entity or personal HGA to be very useful, such identifications tending I feel to become shells which must eventually be discarded as the magician achieves 'escape velocity'.


Crowley gives the Gematria of LAM as 71. A metathesis of LAM is ALM, a Hebrew word meaning "silence." In 1986, I received the magical expression KADMOS, which for me encapsulated a link between the Typhonian, Ma'atian and Chaos Currents with which I was working at the time. Within this formula, there is the juxtaposition AO = 71. AO is the Astron-Orphis or "Star and Snake" - a central theme in the Typhonian Mysteries (See also Liber Al vel Legis). This juxtaposition is a formula of magical initiation or Gnosis. Aleph (1) is of course the Fool, and Ayin (70) the Devil. Meditation upon these two images may yield other insights and connections, and reference to the Book of Thoth can be useful here.


Votive images of LAM can be used to establish a contact or rapport with the strata of awareness of which LAM is the mask.

I would suggest that all practice be preceded by the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, or the Star Ruby.

Seat yourself so that you can gaze upon the image of Lam, using an Asana such as the Dragon posture. Still all thoughts and mentally vibrate the name LAM until you feel a 'contact' - on so doing, attempt to project your awareness into the image, so that it becomes a mask through which you gaze (onto a now alien world). Close the eyes of LAM and await developments.

Upon any sign of fatigue, withdraw from the mask and banish thoroughly. Please keep a record of any visions, psycho-physical sensations or other occurrences.

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