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The Star Chamber

The Star Chamber is a sphere of transparent crystal suspended in deep space. Its dimensions can be enlarged to suit individual requirements. To enter the Star Chamber, visualise the eight-rayed star of chaos before you, and command it to begin to whirl, until it becomes spinning vortex, drawing you into the Star Chamber. In the centre of the Star Chamber is a crystalline structure resembling a reading lectern, set at waist height. When you place your hands upon its topmost surface, the Chamber attunes itself to your bioaura, and the sphere around you begins to shimmer with energy. As soon as the Chamber has scanned your aura, a column of crystal descends from the top of sphere to a point just in front of you, the bottom end bulging into the shape of a black crystal globe, which halts just above your eye-level (suitable star-trek type noises accompany this).

The crystalline substance of which the Star Chamber is formed will allow you to draw energy into it from any source, but energy will only pass out the chamber via the black globe before you. You can witness any event or move to any point in time/space by placing your hands on the lectern and simply willing it so. The Star Chamber is both astral temple and vehicle. From the Star Chamber you can see exploding suns and whirling galaxies; draw energies from black holes or zoom through fractal landscapes. You can form astrological conjunctions outside the chamber and draw energy from them. Energy collected from any desired source will be channelled by the crystal matrix of the chamber and focused into the black globe, into which you can project your magical will. When collecting energy, you will feel a ripple of exhilaration as the chamber charges up.

Servitor Creation in the Chamber

Following the completion of the symbolic code for the servitor, beam yourself aboard the Star Chamber. Draw energy from any preferred ‘source’ using the kind of physical-emotional feedback cues as detailed in The Lightning Flash, and when you feel ready to create the astral form of the servitor, project the ‘code’ for the servitor into the black globe. You can then begin a countdown (cue computer voice and build-up of pulsating energy as in the Airburst Servitor Launch) and at "blast-off" see a bright light shoot forth from the chamber, disappearing into the void (rather like a comet). The whole chamber will then glow with a brief burst of white light, discharging any energy remaining.

Leaving the Chamber

After closing any working in the chamber, at your command, the black globe will retract, drawing back into the top of the chamber. Any activity outside the Star Chamber will cease, and you once more see the stars of normal space around you. Visualise again an eight-rayed star of chaos that begins to whirl, drawing you back into ‘normal’ consciousness.